Friday, May 16, 2008

We're finally equal!

That's right, I'll take Equal in my coffee, thanks.

Oh, wait -- I don't drink coffee! Instead I'm trying to write an op-ed about the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay couples the big M, right maybe this is the moment for the New York Times to print some of my words ha ha but it's so hot in here because of the heat wave and my sleep has been so terrible I can't even think, especially when I start wondering about ridiculous daily newspaper op-ed editors and the tyranny of the "general" audience -- what the hell am I doing?

Well, here's my first paragraph -- I'm going outside to get some fresh air!:

In the wake of the California State Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on same-sex marriage, I'm not one of those well-meaning gays and lesbians who says, “I would never choose to get married, but I think everyone should have the right.” Sorry, honey -- I think marriage is depressing, period. That means gay marriage, too. And here's why...

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