Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laugh right into his eyes

Of course, when I'm not looking for sex at all, I mean I'm way too tired I've already walked too far I need to get back home -- of course that's when not just one but two incredibly hot people stop me on the street. The first one has a cute Marilyn Monroe piercing, you know like a beauty mark -- what do you you call that one? Anyway, she's got gorgeous lips and a do-rag over her head, probably she wears wigs a lot is what I'm guessing. She says you have a beautiful face. I say so do you! She says well then let's freak. I say I'm exhausted, I have to go to bed. She says I'll suck your cock in the hallway and she grabs for my crotch so I step back. I say no, I have to go to bed, but I’ll give you a hug. So we hug -- she kisses me on the cheek so I kiss her neck. She’s hot, but a bit too spun I'm not sure what would happen.

Then, just around the corner, there's this gorgeous boy may be in his early 20s with long curly hair working ‘70s realness with white jeans, he says where are you going? I say I'm going home. He says what were you up to tonight? I say nothing much, just walking around, what about you? He says I went to Aunt Charlie's. I say what’s tonight? Tuesday. How was it? It wasn't very fun.

He’s on the way to smoke pot at a friend’s house, I say maybe we should... He says exchange numbers? I say yeah. So he takes out his phone, gets my name and number. He says you like to be called Mattilda, so I guess your name is Matt, but he's just saying it to himself and he writes Mattilda in his phone anyway so it doesn't feel too annoying. I say what about your number, and I write it on my hand, laugh right into his eyes and then it's back to walking back.


keidy said...

Let us know if the guy in the white jeans calls.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

I sure will!

Love --