Sunday, June 22, 2008

Please please remind me if I ever again think it's a good idea to use the terrible tools of the present to create the sex of the past...

It's over, honey -- the past is over! I should've taken Chris's advice, as she was heading down from Buena Vista – it’s so crowded, he said -- 30 or 40 people, and five more heading up as I'm leaving!

I guess that's one good thing about the heat wave. But I'd already posted an ad on craigslist to get something started at Lafayette Park, and all these guys had sent me hot photos. Sure, if climbing to the top of Buena Vista didn't destroy me, not always my body but definitely my mind once the hypoglycemia hits -- sure, then I would've gone right to that proven hotspot, Chris said this guy just started pulling down his pants right on the path, this was maybe three minutes after Chris arrived and the guy was passionate too and he wanted to kiss!

But not me -- I'm over at Lafayette, I can't believe it's so hot there's no air I mean I can smell the trees but it just smells suffocating. I'm walking up the hill and there’s some guy staring down, not a good sign is what I'm thinking, and when I get up to him and I see that he's wearing sunglasses, a white button-down shirt, and business slacks, at midnight on a Friday in Lafayette Park. No, not a good sign -- especially when he starts following me and I speed up and then he speeds up and I look back and say no thank you, but he's still following me. And I go all the way around the perimeter, even down the hill and then up through the trees and when I get back to the top he's ready to follow me again. He's got this weird angry energy and I almost worried that he's going to stab me, that's just hypoglycemia speaking but why am I already hypoglycemic? I sit on the bench to rest, some guy’s crouching in the shadows and I think maybe, but then the other guy’s back with his sunglasses so I have to get up and at this point there's someone else following me, this big guy with a maudlin expression that alternates to false hope when I'm in vision. I mean he knows it's false but it's something he practiced long ago maybe a worked or maybe it never worked he keeps trying we all do that. He’s stumbling from booze, reaching his hand over to touch me his mouth hanging open, papi he says a cross between a whine and a lullaby. I smile no, no thanks, no.

Then literally it's him from one direction and Sunglasses from the other and when I'm escaping downhill my whole body hurts, I can't even imagine what would have happened if I'd gone to Buena Vista, just five blocks to the bus and I'm a wreck I mean really I don't have enough energy for cruising it's just arrive and then crash. I mean I'm looking for something between those two inevitabilities, right now it's just the bus I mean the bus after the crash and at least it's not crowded. When I get off there's that guy who likes to talk about my style, why does he think my name is Greg oh he's saying Red! I guess because I'm wearing a magenta shirt but it's dark out now. Then he wants to know if I know Siobhan, he always wants to know if I know Siobhan but he doesn't know her name he says the girl who dresses like you with a boyfriend who wears a dress. He's right that we're both always turned out, I mean that's how we deal. He says people get angry out here when it's like this. He means the weather, and he's right -- on the East Coast it's awful, here at least it hopefully won't last.

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