Thursday, July 03, 2008

Another few months

The best thing about the Nob Hill Theatre is the music -- I know I've said that before about pretty much every sex venue but here the music is just awful but it's hilarious, like this whiny maudlin emo power pop ballad -- I'm laughing around corners and telling one guy: this is a beautiful song! He doesn't say a thing. No one does. That's the problem with these places -- so much shutting off, just to stay engaged. I mean disengaged. The key is to leave when I'm still feeling good, probably now would be okay but then I go into one of the booths with a glory hole and there's this guy with soft pretty eyes staring up at me, so I take out my dick -- I figure I can work the glory hole for a moment or two and then beckon him over.

He's sucking my cock, and then jerking with his hands, why his hands -- it almost feels like he has lube on them but maybe he's just got slippery spit. Then he’s sucking again, he has this weird technique where it's his whole mouth at once -- I reach through the other glory hole to try to grab his neck but he's in a strange position so I can't figure it out, there's all this skin I guess his chest and I get that annoying feeling like I'm already going to come, even though I'm not really turned on, so I pull away.

I lean down to motion him over and wait, his asshole is pressed right into the glory hole. Oh, no -- it's that nightmare that Chris is always talking about, I never actually believed it was possible that someone could slide their ass into your cock and you could still think they were sucking it, but now that I think about it there are so many different techniques of sucking and wait, did that really just happen? Come over here, I say; come over here and I'll fuck you.

Shouldn't I be angry is what I'm thinking. Angry or disgusted? I'm not sure that I really want to fuck him, but that's what happens in places like this -- you want to take advantage of any opportunity, because soon you might not have any opportunity.

He comes over, he's bigger up close, I lean over to kiss his neck and he leans away, pulls down his pants. I put on a condom and it's green, I didn't realize it would be green, and then I'm fucking him for a moment but there’s that sensation like I'm going to come again so I pull away and he's already pulling up his pants, where are you going? I want it raw, he mumbles or maybe he's saying bare or bred or something clever and intellectual but somehow I'm still in a good mood, walking around and around again until actually there's someone I'm hot for, a blond guy with a shaved head, hair balding in the middle, kind of similar eyes to the other guy I'm thinking maybe it's those eyes I'm looking for. So clear. I watch him staring at the porn in the glass case, I mean the DVD covers giving you a sense of what you could be missing. And then I walk around the other way for discussion and hug him from behind, kiss him on the neck, and say wanna go in a booth?

No thanks, he says, and that's the highlight -- I mean, that I went right up to him and broke the rules by crossing the physical boundary and it doesn't really matter whether he says yes. That's the second time I should leave, right away before I get tired and hypoglycemic and stuck walking in square circles, which is what happens next, and then I don't think I need to come back here for at least another few months.

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