Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Absolutely necessary

Okay, okay -- here's what I liked about it: it took just under 30 minutes from leaving the house to jumping in a cab to arriving at the hotel to getting in the elevator to opening his door to taking the money to pulling down my pants to pulling up my pants to washing up in the bathroom to going downstairs to walking home. He was sweet and queeny, he smiled in appreciation when I arrived and said that was fast! He looked familiar, I liked that feeling like maybe we'd met before and this was a reunion. The money was on the table, like I requested, and he even pointed it out so I could take it ahead of time. He said: I like your sleeves, and your hair -- do you get dressed up like this for all your late-night callers? And, at the end: did you get all your clothes in one store -- I like your look, I like all of it!

I liked when he said your fly is down, and I said I don't want anyone to think I'm a slut, and then I hugged him, even though it wasn't something he requested. I liked walking back, and seeing the two bright red Audis that didn't even look particularly luxurious, sitting on illuminated platforms on the sidewalk in front of the Clift Hotel. I liked laughing at that, and pointing and saying isn't that so tacky, I mean that's supposed to be a luxury hotel! And the guy I was talking to, standing in his suit with his cellphone, just stared at me like he'd never seen anything like it, I mean me. I liked that. I liked walking home, because that meant I went on three walks today and I'm trying to walk more and it always feels better later at night when my body isn't as much of a mess and there's less pollution even though now there's so much pollution all the time.

I didn't like the way the trick was so insistent about sucking my cock even though that's what we talked about ahead of time, and he bit me -- ouch -- and when I pulled back he looked at me like what's the matter? I didn't like coming so fast although I did like it because it was fast I didn't really like it. But the worst part was right afterwards when I felt sad, really sad, and even though I planned it so I would come because if I'm going to cruise for bad sex online I might as well just have bad sex and make money -- even though that was the plan, I felt sad after I came and that reminded me of one of my rules when I was actually a hooker, I mean I never liked to come unless it was absolutely necessary.


stephen said...

Honey I love it when you are a hooker.. it helps me feel like i am a person because i hook 24/7 so never feel like when you do it its wierd cause a lot of girls do that shit daily.. the bites.... have you ever had or lived near a mammal with fleas/? clients that bite dicks are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better cause insects don't pay and at least clients do.. i miss you... lets eat food together soon and drink tea... xoxox

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Stephen, oh I love the comparison between tricks that bite and fleas fleas fleas oh no! And you're right -- insects never pay...

But the weird part for me was not that I was turning a trick so much as that I was turning a trick because I was so frustrated by the possibilities of recreational sex that I thought why not work?

But, if it helps you feel like a person, well honey it's worth it!

Call me and we'll get together, absolutely!

Love --