Sunday, August 03, 2008

A feldenkrais moment

Sitting on the fire escape, I notice that I'm closing my right eye because of the sun and then I wonder if I always do that, because it doesn't even feel like my eye’s closed. Then inside I'm wondering about my vision on the two sides because the left feels frozen and still, the right soft and expansive and maybe sad too but I can see way further. Donna often says she thinks that I was abused from the left side, the left side in bed, and that's why everything on the left is more clenched. But I never noticed I could see so much further, and especially further back on the right, and then I try something. I close my eyes and relax and then I look in the mirror and sure enough my whole head is turned to the right, that's what feels like neutral to me, and now while I'm sitting on the computer I can feel that too and the trick with feldenkrais is not to change anything on purpose except maybe to come to neutral but instead to pay attention and then your body figures it out.

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