Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flying it gives me so much

But it really starts going when someone opens my door, oh it's the guy who stared at me from a parked car when I was on my way here, something about his look made me think I should look in the car and I tried but at that point I was far ahead so instead I looked back in that way that meant I was looking. And here he is -- face worn from tweaking and he says nice cock, yes it's already out and hard, I motion him over but he shuts the door then opens it again and he’s with his friend and they're staring in that wide-eyed tweaker way the way that says this is the only thing I want in the world I can't believe I'm here this is the only thing I want in the world. I motion them both over, but they just stare, and then I say come here, both of you, and they shut the door again.

My dollar runs out and the lights come on, not like I was watching the porn anyway so I go into the hall to find those guys, maybe I need to get up close and there they are around the corner but there's someone new, shorter with reddish hair and he's grabbing his crotch I grab it too this is the moment that moment of invincibility. Like I could do anything, do you know what I mean that confidence of desire in motion he looks up and we're making out, liquor on his breath no surprise it's just before or just after 2 a.m. I guide him into a booth yes yes flying in this tiny space 3' x 3' x 8', flying on my knees flying in his arms flying with tongue and mouth and throat and hands yes flying is easier on my body not the usual pain it’s desire in motion that pushes pain away except wait my neck at that angle I'm worried about my neck at that angle, adjust. Oh but then my neck at that angle I can't help it his thrusts my throat yes his thrusts yes my throat yes this charge and then laughing yes laughing yes I love this kind of laughter back to flying it gives me so much.

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