Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bellingham -- what it is that gives me energy and what takes it away

One of the great things about going on tour is that I end up having these deep interactions with people, interactions that might not happen otherwise. Like with Dewey, who offers me a ride to and from Bellingham and on the way we connect about sex work and love for animals and ethics and the way the light comes through the trees at different points on the trip, we’re in heavy traffic in and out of it, in pouring rain and then out of it and the sky stretches on with the clouds reflecting the watery light and when we stop at a rest area I inhale the fresh air so many trees. I love these offers.

The reading is small, but the host gives a great introduction and it's wonderful to meet Jory who interviewed me for the “alternative lifestyle” paper in Bellingham + to see Zoe from a past reading and Chad right at the end from a few of my past readings. The audience is quiet during the reading, which means I have to give a bit more energy and my voice is hoarse but then afterwards there are great questions about what I want people to get from my work, how my work is perceived, how blogging relates to my writing process, fibromyalgia and chronic pain and what it comes from, and then Dewey and I drive back in the dark and share more about writing and editing as a collective process, I give advice about the publishing world, and then Dewey talks more about the possibilities of sex work and healing and even though I know my body will hurt more tomorrow from all this driving it already hurts but I'm guessing more later, even though the reading was so small it still feels like it was worth it and somehow that's confusing, what it is that gives me energy and what takes it away and what takes it away but also gives.


seitzk said...

hi mattilda - sorry to do it this way, but i'm trying to get in touch with you. i have a connection at a bookstore in DC that i think might be interested in hosting you when you come through here. i wanted to check with you before i ask them, though. it's katie - you stayed at our house the last time you came through DC. also - i could probably scare up some housing for you, regardless of the bookstore situation. anyhow - i'm at seitzk AT gmail, so hit me up.

Daisy said...

Congratulations on being covered in the Utne Reader this month, as one of their 50 Visionaries! The photo of you was FABULOUS! It was wonderful to see you there! :)

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Katie, thanks so much for writing -- I will e-mail you :)

And Daisy, thank you thank you thank you -- the story is pretty gorgeous!

Love --