Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From one window to the next

Waking up, I'm impressed that I've managed to keep the same hours -- bed just before 3:30 am , wake up at 2 pm, and I even slept okay! In some ways, strangely I think I sleep better while I'm on tour -- let's just keep that going, okay? Although I feel way more exhausted, so drained that as soon as I eat I start wondering if I'll ever get through this dangerous blankness in my head, much worse on the phone when I'm trying to get someone I don't know to understand or not understand just to communicate without sinking. That's the worst part -- a walk down the street is okay, cold bracing everything in the stores is on sale, the Latino-run clothing stores with cowboy outfits and shiny tights and big plastic earrings that remind me how tired I am not the cold I mean the walk, walk, walk but not that far. Okay, just walk. The most interesting thing I see is a huge brick apartment building converted to condos with shiny new white-framed windows, advertising specialty kitchens but the middle digit of the starting price has rubbed off 1 9,000. Up close it's 189,000, boarded-up windows at bottom maybe smashed? There's a message on the sign that says fuck you. Or just unfinished? All the units are empty, in the corner rooms you can see from one window to the next.

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