Thursday, October 09, 2008

Life, at some point

Remember I banned myself from cruising craigslist, when was it that I banned myself I can’t find the exact day? I think I said until October, because October is my book tour so then I won’t have time. Now it’s October, so I opened it up and glanced at the ads and I got kind of depressed no I was already depressed that’s when I cruise craigslist. When I can barely function at all in mean I can’t function so I’m cruising craigslist with the hopes that it will give me energy it never gives me energy only takes it away.

I haven’t missed it, don’t see the need to ban myself permanently because it barely seems like a temptation right now except there’s always the thought that maybe I should check again. And again. And again. Like I just did—you know, just in case. I even went to adam4adam, which is such a dead end that there isn’t even a beginning so what would that be called? Just dead, I guess. Although that implies life, life at some point.

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