Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maybe this is the sentence you were looking for

I forgot how unfriendly Amtrak employees can be, like the person at the Emeryville station who tells me there’s no red cap assistance they’ve discontinued that service on the West Coast and then I’m wheeling my luggage down to the train car it’s a long way my wrists are hurting especially because one of my bags is really heavy with all the food and water. And then I see one of those carts drive by, with people on it and their luggage too and I’m wondering what that’s called, if it’s not red cap service, it’s the same thing someone driving you to your car and helping you with your bags.

Meanwhile, the voice software has already crashed in Word so I’m in Microsoft Works which is much messier it doesn’t hear things the same way words jumbling together spaces not showing up I keep having to lean forward to use the cursor the correction function doesn’t work maybe I need to put the computer back on the pillow because ouch my neck is hurting but at least I can write something. I wanted to say that I had my first great train moment, listening to the MP3 player and there’s this song I’ve never noticed much before since I don’t listen to music on headphones very often I like to be aware of what’s going on around me, always aware and maybe hyper-aware that’s important. But traveling when I go immediately into zombieland it’s so great to put those headphones on and drift away, and listening to this song with such simple lyrics okay, all right, okay, all right like it’s making fun of dance music with the beat of words making dance music -- you know, how you can use words to give you that deceptively simple beat and then go, I’m standing in the aisle while everyone’s asleep moving my hips back and forth okay, all right, okay, all right.

I notice someone’s thrown a book in the trash, the kind of book you throw in the trash I guess a trash book I open it up to this sentence: “the small room back called handed over cost glass windows listed surveying layered session and shuffled out like a someone along strips by concrete or eyes were closed it was the Irish accent of a lifeless peek into banjos and deserted beaches and the house breakers and football aprons and sleeves some talking skip the shield has its heart in the flash car Canadian might market whiskey water radio music tape home financial commitments frozen smile our records I knew something made a mistake and the hospital when he looked one of them went to hands the amount of boards hammered into broken trunks especially the huge way home about page initiative license to rape pocket quickly than knife and tourist selects s learn to avoid the obvious.”

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