Thursday, October 23, 2008

Olympia -- water and light, food from the co-op, growth, Bash Back, and a comfortable place underground

So I'm on the train to Olympia, all this gorgeous water and light yes water and light that's the theme of the Pacific Northwest for this tour, but my head is clogged fogged blocked with that wall of sadness, remember this is the first moment when I think how why am I doing this what on earth how why am I doing this what on earth? Until I get off the train and Ernestine says how are you, I'm doing well and then I am I mean I know I'll crash but for now I'm doing well. The event is downstairs at the Evergreen State College library, underground they say, no mike and at first I'm self-conscious but actually there's more freedom and my voice doesn't get all scratchy. Remember this event was almost a week ago, still with Thea that feels like a long time and I have some self-conscious moment about fiction and faggotry and what I mean who I'm supposed to be. I like the questions about writing process and the publishing world, how voice software affects my writing, and then talking in depth with people afterwards, one person reads my blog and says they started a chapter of Bash Back after reading That's Revolting!, and I mean to ask about Bash Back I want to hear the details but I forget so tell me now if you know! A long conversation with someone about writing and stream-of-consciousness and meaning, people want to hear books I recommend and it's harder to remember without my bookshelf in front of me. Then there's Sara Pete, the librarian from the Olympia public library, who's done all this work making gorgeous flyers and it's so exciting meeting her, so much warmth and excitement and she even brings me vegan treats from the co-op, how amazing! And then there’s the person who came to hear me and Kirk Read in Olympia way back in 2003, he was in high school and in contact with Kirk and he tells me at the time he was thinking of moving to Seattle but I mentioned some anarchist spaces there and he got scared, decided to read Pulling Taffy anyway and he was worried he would get expelled if someone caught him, now he's telling me stories about his own mischief and troublemaking in Olympia, it's exciting to see people grow!

It's a quieter event, and it's a bit harder for me to stay engaged afterwards as I feel myself crashing but at least the library feels like a comfortable place.. And then I'm back on the road, this time in a car or a van with Thea and her friend Anna and we end up talking about friendships in ways both connected and disconnected, the friendships as well and then I'm back in Seattle, late-night in Seattle the air is so fresh and crisp and clear it's almost stunning.

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