Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ready or not

Okay, so my book launch is Wednesday and then I leave to go on tour two days later – what? Twenty minutes ago, before I sat down to write this I thought how on earth can I possibly do it I mean I know I’m doing it but how on earth? But then something switched and I got all wired and excited, excited for the first time really but still I’m not ready. Would I be ready if I had another week, or would I just be thinking I’m not ready, in another week. Maybe I’ll still be thinking that.

I’m looking forward to that moment soon after the train starts moving and I think oh, this is my life, my life for two months, and I love that feeling. I’m not sure what it will be like after that first night on the train, overnight to Portland I just hope I sleep and my body doesn’t hurt too much and I can recover that’s the big issue whether I’ll recover I mean recover fast enough that I don’t go immediately to that place where I feel like I’ll never recover.

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