Friday, October 03, 2008

The Wall Street giveaway and bipartisan "values"

When I think about this Wall Street giveaway my whole chest tightens up and I feel kind of nauseous and start walking around in circles and all I can think about is bipartisanship, what a hideous concept! Bipartisanship means Barack Obama and John McCain sit down together and figure out how to continue the systematic dismantling of any structural mechanisms for care in this country. Sit down and figure out how more people can lose their homes and lose their jobs and lose their families and get gunned down on US borders and shut away in slave labor prisons and yes I know that’s not literally what they talked about. I know they talked about saving the US economy, which means saving the US war on Iraq and Afghanistan saving the Israeli apartheid system saving Guantánamo and who knows how many other secret prisons and terror campaigns and wars.

Yes, let’s just funnel $1 trillion over to Wall Street and everything will be fine, that’s right just fine! Nancy Pelosi says there’s “plenty of time to do more,” plenty of time for more dead Iraqi children she means. Nancy Pelosi – “my” representative, the person most responsible for continuing the war in Iraq as far as I’m concerned, the one holding together this mythology of bipartisanship which means continuing the status quo at any cost.

I feel no anger towards the Republicans. I’m scared of them, sure, I think their agenda is horrifying and monstrous, but they are doing exactly what they’ve promised – they’re doing a great job of continuing US wars and destroying the environment and hacking away at any systems of care, they deserve an award for consistent vision! It’s even Republicans who blocked the immediate passage of the Wall Street giveaway, because they felt it contradicted their free-market views… When I think of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the other Democratic power brokers, that’s when I get really angry so angry it’s like I could scream so loud my throat would burst open so I try not to scream I don’t want to hurt myself. In national politics this is all we have to look forward to, more screaming and more throats burst open and maybe we can picture flowers in the ruins of charred bodies from another US air raid another Wall Street giveaway what could possibly be the point of such flowers except to remind us of our violence?


Hilary Goldberg said...

totally. i made the mistake of watching last night's debates and it felt similar to what you are talking about here. war loving, elitist, galvanizing robot talk. nafta was under clinton so...there really isn't much to say about the two party tango. other than they are dancing on our graves.

Avatar said...

Wall Street didn't cause this mess. It was the poor management of Freddie and Fannie. People like Mudd, Gorelick, Franklin Raines, and James A. Johnson pirated Freddie Mae. In the 80's Freddie almost went out of business from investments in mortgage backed securities and investments in real estate.

Tony said...


I deeply appreciate that your analysis of the Wall Street bailout bill. Tragically, we are witnessing one of the largest transfers of wealth, resources and economic power in US imperial history.

Wealth is be "redistributed" from the poorest and middle class (who already pay dearly in taxes) to large corporations and the economic elite (who already pay a lot less dearly in taxes because of corporate tax "loopholes").

Indeed Obama and McCain both worked for this neo-liberal bill, one that was heavily backed by the notorious International Monetary Fund (IMF) ( - not surprisingly, especially in light of Naomi Klein's new book "Shock Doctrine" this bill was passed right after a major "shock" the banking industry collapse (where CEOs get out with hefty salaries and protections and many workers are/were left without their two-week paycheck).

I am deeply disappointed with Obama's decision to support such an anti-human, corporate capitalist bill. However, I am not entirely shocked by his support given that both parties are owned by large, multinational companies and their government assistants - namely, the IMF and the World Bank.

Pelosi is a particularly interesting case - elected to the House with a majority in 2006 she immediately declared any action by that new Congress off the table despite having a Democratic majority in both houses.

So yes, honey! I TOTALLY get the wanting to scream... plus it has been a rough day at work. I work in labor movement and sometimes it gets me down at how we reinvent those same capitalist-oppressive mechanisms in an ostensibly revolutionary organization. Hopefully I can queer up our organizational trajectory in a multifaceted way before it causes me too many health problems... hehe

lots of love -

In Queer Unity,


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Hilary, dancing on our graves, indeed!

Avatar, I guess I'm using Wall Street broadly, but I'll definitely check out your link to read more...

And Tony, thanks for the analysis and understanding, and, oh my:

"it gets me down at how we reinvent those same capitalist-oppressive mechanisms in an ostensibly revolutionary organization. Hopefully I can queer up our organizational trajectory in a multifaceted way before it causes me too many health problems"

Good luck with these challenges, indeed!

Love --

Lisa Harney said...

Rage on, Mattilda.

And even knowing all that, I want Obama to win because I know McKinney doesn't have a chance. :( I realize he's in many ways the lesser of two evils, but part of me also hopes he'll bring some good with him.

This bailout is really trashing my optimism in general, and it was already a tattered thing, barely more substantial than a spider's web.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thanks, Lisa.

I know -- even though I have basically no hopes that Obama will help, in more desperate moments I still wonder if I'll vote for him.

Love --