Sunday, November 02, 2008

Exhaustion and cooking

Maybe it's the next day when everything hurts. No, wait, the day after, that's today, and I'm trying to think about whether to go to a sex club just so that my body is doing something different. I mean, I'd rather go to a sex club because I'm horny, I mean I was horny yesterday or maybe that was the day before but not today when my head and neck and jaw and shoulders ache but really it's worse when I'm sitting in front of the computer or maybe it's this hard chair I mean I went on a walk and that was maybe worse so I'm not sure a sex club is the right idea although the steam room sounds kind of relaxing is a sex club ever relaxing?

Maybe somewhere else, but wait I am somewhere else, Toronto and there are six or seven bath houses -- two where I've been and they were empty, not on this trip but before that doesn't mean much if I lived here maybe I'd know when exactly to go. They’re actually cheaper here because of the competition, so maybe it's worth it just to try the steam room and look for some hugs, although I don't want my body to hurt even more before my event, which will almost surely increase the pain until my feldenkrais session the next day, yay for feldenkrais!

Earlier in the sun, yes the sun in the cold I like the sun in the cold a cat came right up to me from next door, I kept moving over on the table because the angle of the sun kept changing and the cat followed me the trees were shaking in the wind that’s when I thought it would be nice to have a small yard like this. Now I'm sitting here in front of the computer, noticing that my legs are aching too, aching from sitting, sitting on the train two days in a row, first to Ann Arbor to visit Deena and Courtney where there were there also lots of leaves shaking in the trees and blowing on the ground, I liked kicking the leaves too like a little kid of course we don't get those leaves in San Francisco but I'm also starting to miss my view, walks in the neighborhood although I like my walks through cities I don't know as well two.Then the drive to Windsor to catch the train to Toronto oh no I'm burning something in the kitchen, I did that in Ann Arbor too -- exhaustion and cooking don't mix well together.

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