Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blood on the sidewalk

This is old news, yet somehow always new, news, I mean I sit down to write finally write writing is what I've wanted to do all day and now I'm finally sitting, sitting in the right place and boom my whole head closes off, sure I've lost a lot of blood today I mean literally because I was walking to meet Killer at Angelica’s and something pouring out of my right nostril too warm for spit and then I saw it on my coat: red on orange or orange-pink, red on orange-pink and it looks dark on the coat but lighter in the white sink or white paper towels before then I just keep inhaling so it goes into my mouth and then I'm spitting blood onto the sidewalk people are watching I keep thinking they're watching me spit blood on the sidewalk but they're just watching me, they don't even notice blood on the sidewalk it doesn't even reach the sidewalk it reaches the soot on top of the snow or ice on the sidewalk, but anyway -- old news, new news, it's still news: I'm too tired to write about what I want, the way the spaces of my sexual dreams keep letting me down and I know this is a dominant theme in my work which means I need to keep writing it, now I have a bit more energy maybe now, okay wait...

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