Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Soon enough, I know -- but first...

Some famous messes sang all you need is love but all I need is sleep, that's what I'm thinking today when I feel better I mean at first it's confusing outside because there are so many people, is it a weekend? No, it's a Tuesday, and I don't feel better yet just confused about the warmer weather which means more pollution and all these people coming right at me I'm trying to get fresh basil for my lentils but they don't have it at either Lifethyme or Integral Yoga so I'm on the way to Hell Foods but when did Hell Foods get so far I mean I know I'm hypoglycemic and it's the beginning of the day, when I throw on an outfit with a hat so I can get outside before showering and of course I haven't eaten enough.

This Hell Foods really is Hell, with the produce in the basement and a color-coded video screen at the checkout line to tell you go to one of the 50 counters, but let's fast-forward to afterwards, when I'm sitting at the bus stop, that’s something new a bus stop here on the corner since I can't sit in Union Square they’ve covered the whole thing with the holiday gift booths I mean you can't even find the stairs. But wait, after I eat the brussel sprouts I actually feel calm and clear and ready for some kind of sexual adventure it's so different when I'm horny and I’m not just trying to get out of exhaustion I mean I know that will come soon enough like even now as I'm writing this but still I like this moment of possibility.

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