Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lostmissing #1

I'm excited because I have the first poster -- if you want a PDF or print copies to put up anywhere and everywhere, just let me know -- or, you could click the image above, and print that... Here's what it says:

I don’t know if what I feel is a sense of loss or if I feel like you’re already lost I mean I’ve lost you and now I don’t feel that loss. I know it’s too early. I worry about running into you and how I’ll feel, how I’ll feel and how I’ll act that’s different from how I feel. I could smile and say hi and feel my whole body get tense. I could turn away and feel my whole body get tense any hint of energy lost where is my energy lost. I could say something sarcastic and feel that rush from not breathing but all the blood to face. I could spit in your face and more of that rush but what would be your response?

I’ve never spit in anyone’s face, except during sex actually during sex that’s one of the hottest things, spit everywhere spit in my face but this would be different. I could scream at the top of my lungs why do they say top of my lungs or maybe it does make sense, head forward neck into chest up. I could scream as loud as loud as possible, head forward neck into chest up, scream what the fuck do you think you’re doing? What the fuck do you think you’re doing? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

I could say how dare you and then spit in your face, head back and then. I could say how dare you and then spit in your face and then lick it off you like a dog. Maybe if I was a dog then you would bend over and pet me and then I could bite your hand and it would be okay. What if I see you and the wind blows in my face and my hair gets messed up? I’m not used to that, with this new style that moves around more. My hair looks good today, but I need stronger hair gel. Stronger hair gel that I’m not allergic to. Maybe I’ll see you and I’ll start sneezing.


Keidy said...

Lostmissing #1 is a great way to start this project. Good luck with getting many more posters.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this project. I have just gotten into wheat pasting (which is terrifying in Arkansas), but this will certainly be my next project!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Keidy, yay -- thank you so much!

Beans, that sounds absolutely perfect -- keep me posted on how it turns out...

Love --