Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes I'm feeling really great, really great and absolutely wonderful -- oh, and really great, I mean really...

It’s so hot today that I’m sitting on the fire escape in nothing but boxers not even socks, facing away from the sun because otherwise I’m worried my face will get burnt although I always worry my face will get burnt but anyway I’m facing away from the sun so I’ll worry less. And there’s that beer bottle on the fire escape of one of the apartments in the building next door, fourth or no fifth floor – wait, is that a six-story building, I guess that makes sense since I’m just above it. Anyway I’m looking at that beer bottle that’s been out there for at least a year, maybe two and glass is the most recyclable material but it won’t biodegrade just sitting out there in the sun, maybe if there was an ocean but not just the sun. I wonder if I should rescue it – I’d have to climb down my fire escape until I got to the bottom or no I could just take the elevator and go through the trash room to the back, then climb a fence and go six stories up to rescue that bottle, maybe we could be friends.

But I don’t even like beer bottles, or beer, and I guess it’s slightly possible that it’s a glass water bottle there are bottles like that when I was in New York I was drinking water out of a glass bottle in the subway and this guy was looking at me like I was one of those white kids who thought I could get away with it except no it was just water I mean it came in a glass bottle they’re catching onto that trend faster in New York the way trends work although maybe not tinted brown -- people don’t like thinking their water might be brown. Anyway I could rescue the beer bottle and then climb down six floors, scale the fence again a wooden fence like a fence for a yard but there’s no yard so maybe it wouldn’t hurt too much or would it be harder? It’s not very tall, have I ever climbed a fence like that? Soon enough I would be back in the area behind my building, tempting to call it a garden from the distance but up close it’s all shards of glass and trash and weeds, through the trash area I mean the place where the trash is stored in plastic bins until I’m waiting for the elevator again and then upstairs with my new friend.


stephen said...

just got your message. i'm in bed with my eye mask on drinking a vodka soda and listening to a random really depressing 90s singer songwriter girl sing about how much she hates everything. i can't talk. i'm feeling awkward. i'll call you tomorrow. i miss you lovely!!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay for the eye mask!

Love --