Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes just around the corner

Sometimes you scan the CD rack in the morning, looking for something that maybe isn’t there or maybe it’s this and then yes, yes it’s this, yes it’s the way sometimes techno can give you so much it’s the way metal goes through all this pounding bouncing shaking and still it’s like a butterfly and maybe that’s you and you look at the title of this song, and no way did Miss Adam X of the graffiti rave underground call this song Birth and then there’s Grasshopper, and even the gunshot of Filter Beast gives way to a rattle and that rattle becomes a trampoline on the trampoline is a hailstorm melting into heartbeat over everything else and over everything else and over.

Wait, but this is how you know someone can mix, really mix because just as heartbeat trampoline hailstorm rattle gunshot is not quite fading out there’s the jumpy bumpy clumpy march shaking up the stairs with percussion more wood and hands than metal and oh those stairs those stairs and yes those stairs yes. But wait again, wait, maybe that wasn’t even the mix because then what, what on earth, what it’s like suddenly a celebration interrupts, someone’s inflating that giant balloon you can’t quite figure out that balloon that’s you and the sounds are all tinny and light but jumping yes jumping and maybe this is too much thinking about music this early in the day I’m getting too wired I need to figure out the rest of my nourishment yes just around the corner in the kitchen.

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