Saturday, February 21, 2009

His grip

The best escape is sucking cock, that’s what I’m thinking. Or maybe it works better this way: sucking cock is the best escape. Not thinking: that’s the point. Or wait, I’m thinking, but it’s slower, more directed, physically-induced. But I’m getting ahead of myself: first it’s why am I so edgy in Lafayette Park, Buena Vista is so much darker but maybe in Lafayette it’s the shadows from street lights and buildings and everything closer. Buena Vista almost isn’t a part of this world of city and street in Lafayette that’s me up ahead with incredibly tall legs like I am on stilts, moving side to side across the branch and also because there’s no one around, just that shadow up ahead just me.

But you already know there’s someone else, I mean I can’t suck my own cock, at least not yet, probably not in Lafayette Park unless I become a newly-minted gymnast when it’s been raining so much I have to step over branches and into the remains of puddles to get to the end where I think I saw someone, right I saw someone not just that tall shadow, right? First I stop and look down at the grand old buildings the yellow light and it’s amazing how far a car’s headlights can take you.

There he is, I’m studying the signs of age and wondering about the creases to the sides of my own lips, maybe I’m not attracted to him as much as I’m attracted to the idea of sucking his cock something I wasn’t even planning I was only looking for air or maybe not just air but I wasn’t planning on finding so it’s more sudden: I sit down on the bench and look up, he caresses the side of my cheek really a caress and I start fondling his dick through his pants, taking my time and then why not unzip, no underwear, pull it out and I’m wondering what his clothes smell like no smell at all that’s the way I like it best. It’s enough to get my head to that familiar yet uncomfortable no comfortable no uncomfortable angle but I don’t want my knees in the dirt until the moment when he starts groaning, hands grasping my head instead of just a tease I mean I like the tease too but when he grasps I realize I better switch to face forward okay I can squat and wow it’s like a whole different world here with his hands really holding my head that’s the support I’m looking for. And yes I’m holding his legs, strangely no hair everyone’s shaving these days but mostly the pubic hair so the thing protrudes further out or at least it looks that way I don’t need that to give me awe I just want the pressure into throat those hands gripping the side of my head gripping the side of my head keep gripping with those hands I don’t care if my throat gets all sore if my neck is off for a week if my knees sink into the mud if I slip afterwards and roll down the hill if the hill ends and then I’m in the street and there are cars to greet me please just grip is what I’ll say to them, hold me just keep holding and pumping and holding and then he pulls away I’m not sure why but he pulls away, thrusts and groans and glistening to the side that’s okay I’m still looking up.

He zips up says thanks starts to move away and turns back to say you have to be careful here, they patrol the park between 10 and 6 and if they catch us you get a ticket, a fine, and a court appearance. As he walks away I’m pulling my dick out to jerk off I say thanks, wondering about the us part and the charge of his grip fades and I realize I don’t need to jerk off, everything’s fine already.


Hilary Goldberg said...

"I mean I can’t suck my own cock, at least not yet, probably not in Lafayette Park unless I become a newly-minted gymnast when it’s been raining so much I have to step over branches and into the remains of puddles"

love this passage, writing, word choice, humor, poetry -- gonna make it the last thing i read before going to sleep so that i will have beautiful language filled dreams. thanks.

kayti said...

At least he said thanks. I like it when they have manners.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Hilary, so sweet -- yay for beautiful language filled dreams!

Kayti, it's true -- manners are important!

Love --