Friday, February 06, 2009

Lostmissing in Arkansas, yay for Arkansas!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mattilda,

Love the lostmissing project. I will soon send you a pic of one of your fliers posted in my neck of the woods that will blow you away...hopefully this weekend.

Incidentally, you included me in your blogroll, but my domain name has changed so the link is dead. The site is actually entitled Queers Against Obama, but the url is now www dot gaysagainstobama dot org

I figured using "gays" would get more hits (and it addition to a lot of hateful messages from peace loving liberals). Anyhow, if you still think the site is worth having on your blogroll, I'd be honored if you'd change the url.



mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

AFWI, I'm so glad you like the project -- and I can't wait to see the photo from your neck of the woods!

And yes yes to the blogroll -- actually I kept trying to find your blog but now I know where to look...

Love --