Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vinegar, my head

Who knew that soaking my feet in vinegar would clear my head -- maybe this is the answer, whenever I’m falling apart I can just rush to the corner store and get a gallon of vinegar and pour it into a basin, and then everything will be fine.

Except then I leave the house for a walk, and the walk isn’t working. I mean I’m tired again. If only the streets were filled with vinegar, I could take off my shoes and walk walk walk with a clear head instead of this thing falling down, my body, my body needs to rest again.

But then there’s the rest, which leads to a head filled with everything I’m trying to get out, first in that wired manic way which at least doesn’t clog my sinuses and then in the way in which everything clogs my sinuses. Why are my allergies worse in my own apartment, shouldn’t it be better here? Meanwhile, another walk, this time to Goodwill where I get distracted by things I don’t need but at least they only cost three dollars, and then back at home I’m ready for more vinegar.

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