Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Become air

It’s all about that first song of the day, when suddenly I can dream. Or okay, not the first song but the first song when my body starts my body, track three in this case it’s 3:23 pm. I’m thinking about all the clubs I should start, clubs outdoors without walls so the smoke can blow blow away, whatever happened to the sunset parties on the beach I never went they were too early. But back to my body wrapping around oh no already I’m in fog again not the fog of fresh air breathe fresh air just the fog of my head stuffed with no not-dreams let me turn that track back on yes it’s the build the drums the build like opening windows you keep opening opening until we can’t call them windows anymore just wind. But still my head. Down here I don’t want it back down here when the track ends not fog which is breath this is clogged, three minutes and 36 seconds and I only got up high for maybe a minute or two up high rolling through the sand slipping backwards and under and back around the way static in my head can become beats can become my body can become window can become air.

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