Thursday, March 19, 2009


There are so many things worse than taking a shower with five drops of water, but it doesn’t always feel that way, especially when you’re in the shower with five drops of water, and then suddenly it’s 500, but only for 10 seconds, and then back to five, you have to keep turning the hot on and off yes we’re talking about hot water, okay? Meanwhile, I know that someone upstairs is getting more, I want to pound on the ceiling until they stop stop stop! Stop taking all the water! Or I could run up there with a towel and say listen, I’ll dry you off -- I’ll dry you any way you want, just as long as I can go back downstairs and get moist, okay? But no -- it’s not the fault of anyone upstairs, but down down downstairs to the manager’s apartment STOP TELLING ME IT’S A PROBLEM WITH THE CITY WATER SYSTEM or all the way to Burlingame where the building management company allegedly exists, I’ll flood their office with tears, tears for years! Five drops and then 500 isn’t a shower it’s not even a show, maybe it’s a wer, almost in the past and I’m ready to go there too, first to the near-future and then I can look back, wetter.

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