Sunday, April 05, 2009

Maybe something

Let’s think of it this way: yesterday I woke up feeling clear but it didn’t help, today I wake up feeling like the top half of my head is swollen and missing, stuffed with empty and I’m sitting in front of the refrigerator staring in, sitting in front of the refrigerator staring in -- wait, what am I doing? What am I doing, sitting in front of the refrigerator. I don’t even feel the cold -- close that.

I’m listening to that song that goes I’m sleeping -- I’m sleeping -- I’m sleeping -- oh, oh oh oh. But I forgot it’s the next one that makes me dance, okay dance. What the hell is wrong with my head, what happened while I was sleeping -- it just won’t open, open up, I rub with my hands, hips into this sound eyes into the room I didn’t feel this way when I went to bed I mean I was exhausted because I walked too far I walked too far because I wanted to get to the top of the hill but then I slept okay I mean I fell back asleep without much trouble and why this closed-off head why even with the beats it doesn’t open I mean I must be allergic to something in my bed something in this apartment but the windows are always wide open maybe something outside maybe something.

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