Sunday, April 19, 2009

Someone else's energy

One a.m. and I actually have energy -- I just wish I could go somewhere and listen to music, or chat with someone vaguely interesting or even someone completely boring but interesting because of that, at least for a few moments and then bye-bye, the bar’s closing, whatever -- but we all know the possible destinations without smoke, or smoke residue, or a smoke machine. So of course I go to the usual place where talking isn’t allowed, I’m listening to the music for advice: “Georgy Porgy puddin’ pie, kiss the girls and make them cry, Georgy Porgy puddin’ pie, kiss the girls and make them cry, Georgy Porgy puddin’ pie, kiss the girls and make them cry, Georgy Porgy puddin’ pie, kiss the girls and make them high.” Or something like that. And: “You’re as cold as ice, cold as ice, I know-ow.” And on and on, until “Heart of Glass” comes on.

Of course there are other things to do with your mouth, we all know that, and that’s where the magic of this particular venue comes in, this guy’s moaning yes, yes you’ve got me hard like he’s just discovering something, me, and I’m rubbing all over his chest and between thighs and around ass to give him more it’s funny because at first I was glad he was on the other side of the glory hole because when I passed him in the hallway I could smell his cologne oh no but up close in this booth it’s fine, looking up he’s a bit too drunk with eyes leaning back into head and then eventually he says it: I’m too drunk. Steps out of the booth but then immediately there’s someone next door sticking his dick through, must’ve been an audience I saw him outside in the plaid, skinny and aging, tweaking or not quite tweaking I couldn’t decide if I thought he was cute but he wasn’t paying attention to me anyway until now, the curve upwards and into, yes, my mouth -- and I decide to truly savor it, not just the neck pain in the future but now now now the present I’m staring at the shaved hairs growing out just at my eye level yes yes yes it’s all hot but especially mouth up to the wall I always worry about the wall against mouth but then I’m always there anyway and eventually I do get to say something -- do you want to come over here? And then he pulls up his pants, I watch him buttoning, door open, and I hear him walking away. That’s okay -- I was getting to the point where I would’ve hurt my neck for sure, now I can just sit back and relax for a moment, all that energy someone else’s energy no longer in my body so I’m not in the mood to come anymore, I pull myself together and step outside into the hallway where there’s the original guy, still stumbling, and I rub his chest and say I thought you left, and then he does.

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