Friday, May 01, 2009

Pill form

The good news about the dentist is this anesthetic I mean not the feeling in my mouth but the feeling in my head, listening to Nina Simone and the posters of waterfalls tacked to the drop ceiling, yes I’ll just close my eyes. Looking up again and I’ve never noticed that psychedelic drawing before, that psychedelic drawing on the blue walls with white clouds but what happens if those tacks fall down, they must fall down but I guess there’s a drill in my mouth. So yes there’s all this tension in my body will my shoulders ever go down but still that softness in my head maybe drugs are the answer do they make this anesthetic in pill form?

And then later, much later it seems when the anesthetic wears off, it’s like there’s all this extra space in my mouth. Hell-ohhhhhhhh. Hell-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sure it’s still hell, but the feldenkrais CD saves me and I’m talking softer but calmly, my body is saved from certain doom, at least for a few moments until I talk on the phone for too long -- danger danger danger -- and then everything aches again.

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