Sunday, June 21, 2009

To be continued

Okay, I’m just going to make some notes because it’s the beginning of the day and I don’t quite have energy but I have ideas and I want to put all those ideas down in some form just so that I remember them and usually I would do this in a list with a pen but last night was it last night I was doing that and it destroyed my right hand and I don’t want to destroy my right hand so early in the day but now that I think about it it might already be destroyed so okay I don’t want to destroy it more.

So much happened in my sleep no it was not good sleep but so much happened so to me that means that this might be a good remedy -- the new homeopathic remedy, that is -- it’s called China, and I don’t know what that means. I’m guessing something to do with porcelain, but really I have no idea. I do remember I took it at some point before, but I can’t remember if it was a good fit but even if it wasn’t a good fit then it could be a good fit now.

Okay, the disadvantage of doing this instead of writing a list is that I’m writing too much, I mean I’m spending too much time and I’m going to run out of energy and forget everything I wanted to mention. The other disadvantage is that I keep having to go back and make corrections, because the voice software doesn’t always write the right thing, although now that I’m talking about the voice software it’s doing much better -- oops, not now -- you didn’t see that, but I did, oh no!

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