Sunday, June 28, 2009

Track six

There’s that morning moment, before eating, track six and I’m looking out at the light onto buildings and for the first time I can see exactly which window panes are warped, track six open up my hips the sky not that smoggy sky outside but this one right here I can open up my arms and just hope this is how I’m feeling today. I’m cleaning the cutting board and I actually like cleaning the cutting board, chopping beets and brussel sprouts and wait this is fun this is fun this can be fun!

Let me try that again with my hips -- oh, no -- track seven! Okay, rewind. I don’t want to tell you what it’s called because electronic musicians choose such cheesy names for such beautiful beats, I would call it When I Notice Which Window Panes Are Warped, but okay it’s called Fly Hawaii -- see what I mean? Someone should hire me to write song titles, please hire me.

Okay, I’ll admit that that sky is already lost, now it’s the sinus clog from last night at Blow Buddies, the smoke coming in from outside mostly pot smoke I always think I’m going to leave faster. The beginning was the best part -- when it was so crowded that people were gathering in those groups of desire so often lacking these days, later I was talking to someone about the music you see talking about music is one of my favorite things I said these are good beats, ’96, you don’t hear these beats much these days, I mean the song’s kind of cheesy but I like these beats. Turned out he produces music, also likes the songs that knock you down.

Back outside into a heat wave night, how could it have gotten so warm just my body or the air too, and today my sinuses really don’t seem worse than they would be from the smog I can see outside powder blue sky fading into tan the air is still and I’ll keep thinking about track six.

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