Sunday, July 19, 2009

But wait -- if you're so tired that you can't function, and then you start reading the stupid fucking yahoo news I can't believe they call that news..

Whatever that stupid shit is that pops up on my email, anyway, besides the fact that chocolate has usurped vanilla as the favorite ice cream flavor in the US, and that at some ice cream convention (an ice cream convention?!) in Japan everyone was aflutter about beef tongue ice cream, which I'm sure my father would've loved because his favorite sandwich was a tongue sandwich (a Jewish deli specialty) -- I know, how's that for symbolism, I better add that one to the writing I'm doing! But anyway, then I read this, about a woman who was *killed* by some cop on motorcycle while watching the Tour de France:

Jeannette Stoeffel, 61, had been seen crossing the road many times before she was hit by the motorcycle going at 90 kph.

Okay, so she was seen crossing the road -- kill her!

And then, from Tour de France spokespeople:

“Security is the Tour’s top priority. Everyone must take their responsibilities.”

Right, kill her! She was not responsible, but she was responsible for her death...

But wait -- what about the responsibility of Tour security for killing her?

Oh, I see:

"We are certain the victim has died because of her imprudence.”

That's right -- kill her! Oh wait, she's already dead.

She didn't die because a speeding motorcycle from the bloated ceremonial guard ran into her, she died because of her imprudence. How dare she attempt to cross the road! How dare she!

I love sports, I really do.

(Oh wait -- it's the next day and I realized I didn't link to the story -- now they've updated it and it sounds more sensitive, and I can't find the original story -- the internet is so great for journalistic accountability!)

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