Thursday, September 03, 2009

The battery pack

I’m chopping bok choy for the first time in a while, and down at the core I notice part of the interior that looks brown, gross, but then I look closer and it’s actually green leaves turning to purple, suddenly it’s beautiful and I notice that I like the smell of freshly-chopped bok choy, a tartness and then I can look at the light shining through the succulents in my window and try to bypass the humidity to think about a new day, today, maybe it’ll be okay.

There’s that feeling in my fingertips again, a vibration, maybe I’m feeling my fingertips more. And then the end of the day, day at my fingertips, looking up at the sky and the moon through these slivery clouds shimmery blue gauze it’ll never show up in this camera but I’ll try anyway, I’ll try for a shimmery blue gauze even on this corner by a bar that has a new door -- wait, double doors, what kind of music are they playing? Change the battery pack, that’s what the camera says.

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