Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It was just sun before

Somewhere there’s an interview with Luke Vibert, talking about Kerrier District, one of his side-projects, and he says something like people won’t believe it’s me, they won’t believe it’s me because the beats are so cheesy. But the truth is that all his beats are cheesy, that’s what makes the music so swing down bent over fly away fly away fly I mean that’s what makes his music so glorious. Or one of the things, anyway, along with the twist around shakedown funked up flurry that flinging you into bounce. Although this album hasn’t been my favorite, I wouldn’t say it’s because the beats are cheesy I would say it’s because the songs are more straightforward. Except for the last one, which builds all over. But now it’s track two, the evenness that matches the unevenness of my heart, body, which is it, heart or body it’s just these beats these beats that match the way I can jump bounce, bounce and sway, shake like I’m in that room with all these bodies except it’s just me and that means when I turn there’s more air, or a different kind of air and who’s to say these cheesy beats don’t match our heart, these bodies just me and still, still I can dance in and out of these moves like I’m shadowing and shining, the sun is shining in, the sun wasn’t sunny it was just sun before and now.

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