Monday, September 07, 2009

Your moment

Sometimes it takes a while, I mean a while after the while waiting to find the album used, after hearing one track on the mix and oh you need that, you need the rest and then there’s that while, a long while, maybe even a few years and then you find it. And then you put it on, or I guess it’s in, you put it in the CD player I guess if it was a record you would put it on, the music you like they still make on records but not much would hurt your hands more than a record, pulling it out of the sleeve and then that large surface area and getting it right into the center of the turntable, but anyway this is a CD, you put it on and then you think oh, it’s not that good, or it’s not what you’re looking for, and then it takes a while longer, a while longer of the CD arranged neatly in your CD case, a while until that day when you’re looking for something, something different, something you don’t play that often and oh, maybe this.

Dancing is all about the jump, that moment when you might not come down you might not come down and this is what you need, these beats wrapped around one another and the jump, into the beats into the air into you, you can’t imagine why you haven’t listened to this CD in so long, maybe once or twice and you gave up but listen it’s everything, everything in the build, everything in the rattle, everything in the pause you love that pause that’s when you turn, everything in that turn there’s a vocal sample that’s just the beginning of a voice the beginning of your voice and everything, everything in that glitch, that glitch is the beat this is what you were looking for that voice, that voice in your head and speed it up, your hips, everything in your hips and jump, yes jump remember the jump when your body doesn’t hurt, your body doesn’t hurt yet and this is the moment when you might not come down just give me a little piano and that funky sample and even that soft fade a soft fade just for a second until a quick laugh, this is your laugh the laugh in the sky and then the beat bounces the beat bounces and your, this is your moment, your moment and then.


ADRIAN , , said...


I just love the way you write about music. I feel the momentum of it, always.

You have my old blog address on your page, for "adrian, adonis" but my new one is up and running. Should be

You are such an inspiration and even as I juggle new courses in my life, I love that I can read your blog and life and feel reconnected. Or remember the importance of critical thinking, and memory, and overall passion - something you've really given to your fans.

Thank you.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, Adrian -- I do like writing about music :)

And I will change the blog address, for sure!

And thank you for the sweet comments about critical thinking, and memory, and passion -- that's beautiful to hear...

Love --

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Love --