Sunday, October 11, 2009

A roll, a hole, a roll, a hole...

Andee: I thought you were on a roll.

Me: I was on a roll, but then I fell off the roll, and now I’m in a hole.

Oh, no -- today I took a nap, because I rushed out for an early reading and then when I got home I was so exhausted that it made me feel desperate and enraged, so exhausted I couldn’t possibly think of anything I could do except get in bed, even if naps always make me feel like a mess, and at first I just got more wired in bed but then there was that moment when oh, oh, here it is: sleep.

So then, sure enough, I got up into a cave, but actually I felt better for an hour or two, until now, when all I want to do is read by my hands wrists arms are hurting too much and that’s nothing unusual, except don’t I need my hands wrists arms to get out of this hole? I guess we’ll see.

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