Thursday, December 31, 2009


Let’s go. Anywhere. Pick me up and we’ll go. Maybe we can sit somewhere and take pills and listen to music and look up at the sky, how does that sound? Pick me up and we’ll go. Anywhere.

Really I don’t like pills, although I’m glad there aren’t any in my cabinet. Let me look again. No, just that awful thyroid medication -- better throw out before I’m tempted. Maybe I would go out for cocktails, except I don’t like cocktails. I mean I’ll feel worse afterwards. That much I know. Come on over and we’ll go. Somewhere. I don’t know where. Really all I want to do is read, but I can’t read more than a few pages or there’s too much pain, so then I think about pills. And cocktails. Music isn’t enough. I don’t have any energy, what happened?

My grandmother says I should get a TV, I’m missing out on so much without a TV, I don’t even know about the Presidential music awards, they happen every year, what are they called? Oh, she says: you don’t know. But I should get a TV, it’s relaxing, you can just zone out -- last night my grandmother watched the coverage of the terrorist plot, she watched the coverage for hours.


kayti said...

What you really need is those special TVs that let you watch multiple shows at once. That way while your relaxing watching plots against us you can also follow find out what Tiger woods was doing.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Kayti, that is such a good idea!!!

At least no one knows that I was dating Tiger Woods...

Love --

kayti said...

Do not worry I will not tell anyone or anybody about the two of you.

davka said...

haha i knew you were the hidden mistress.

mattilda, i am coming to san francisco in february. can i pick you up and go see the sea lions with you? it would be a dream come true!

Sarah b said...

hey mattilda,
if i was anywhere near you, i'd come over and read out loud, which i love. plus i also want to read the things that you want to read.
that's all,
sarah b.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, Kayti, I'm glad the secret is safe -- I don't want to end up on the cover of People or anything...

And Davka, you must pick me up in February -- the sea lions in February it is -- I can't wait!

Sarah, that's so sweet of you :)

Love --