Friday, February 26, 2010

For such a short time

Something happened. I know: a piece of my manuscript, spiral-bound, fell off the desk and pulled both headsets, wrapped around the stack of DVDs, with a set of earring backs on top, or actually a set of studs labeled “fashion earrings,” the cheapest ones from Walgreens because I needed the backs. All of this fell onto the floor, and then I realized that, buried at the bottom of the stack of DVDs, was a set of 10 HP recovery disks. In case you were wondering.

But I wanted to tell you that I finished the writing for The End of San Francisco, I mean the first version of the writing, since the manuscript won’t be ready till the end of the year or so. But the part I was just writing -- about Gay Shame and my relationships through and around Gay Shame, and of course my relationship to San Francisco, and the end, but not exactly the end. I finished that part, which isn’t the end of the book, but the last part I needed to write before focusing entirely on the editing. Because the rest I’ve already written. That last part was difficult to write, I was trying so hard to be clear.

The editing is a big task -- I’m editing each section separately, and already I’m on version two or three of several sections. With some of them I think oh, this is so tight already, but then I read it again and think what the hell is this? With the other sections I think what is this crazy sprawling mess, but then I read it again and think oh, this is so good, but somehow I have to cut 200 pages to 40 or so. I mean just for that section, since remember the whole thing is over 1200 pages. So then I read that section again and realize oh, of course, that’s what I need to cut, and there it goes: draft three, it’s fun.

I’m hoping for more of these oh, of course moments, as many of these oh, of course moments as possible. Please more of these moments, so I can forget how horrible I actually feel. I mean so I don’t feel so horrible. I can only forget for such a short time.

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