Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brilliant words on "Brand Obama"

Have people forgotten the way this man campaigned for the presidency? He practically managed to convince liberals and progressives that he was a barefoot anti-war vegan organic farmer and labor activist. Of course, he never came right out and said that, but his campaign sure did imply it in a lot of ways. He went from a gaysbien-friendly intellectual tree-sitter named Daffodil to a cross between Karl Rove and that serial killer from Saw in the course of 24 hours. This man who presented himself as the anti-Bush made Bush seem like a friendly little stray poodle starting the day he was fucking inaugurated. And he didn't even pretend to try to hide it. There are a lot of words one could use to describe such behavior, but "cowardice" is certainly not one of them. Now, Obama didn't really have to hide the fact that he was a neo-conservative in Birkenstocks because most liberals and progressives were (and are) under the spell of his Hope bomb.
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Anonymous said...

okay, I know how you don't necessarily like it when people gush over you or put you on a pedastool of any sort, so I apologize in advance for this:

The fact that YOU referred to something I wrote as brilliant made my week...no, it made my month.

Thank you.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Elian, you deserve it, my dear...

Oh -- and I don't exactly like pedestals (except for flowers, of course), but I'm not sure if I'm against gushing :)

Love --