Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Down comforters

I'm starting to understand this LA thing, you wake up and it's a beautiful day, every day, I mean if you can ignore the pollution. If you can ignore that none of the things that are growing here should be. The birds are chirping and the sun is out, I can understand because this time the air isn't as bad as usual -- maybe it's where I'm staying, there are huge hills right nearby, pine trees, the breeze is blowing and the birds are chirping, the birds are chirping everywhere, even downtown, and this time it doesn't seem that polluted here. Except for my sore throat, hoarse voice, a bloody nose. But after a while you just think oh well, a sore throat, hoarse voice, a bloody nose -- another day in LA and the sun is shining.

Look, look again. That's what I learned from the Rosen practitioner, so I'm looking at the blinds in the morning, and the way they’re blowing with the breeze, different shades of color depending on where the sun hits or doesn't hit, and it's gorgeous. I get up and start cooking, put on LCD Soundsystem, get back in bed. There's something about an album that isn't what you wanted, and when you like it anyway, that really makes you love it, especially when it goes through all these different emotions, emotions in bed and I'm trying to fall back into sleep but not quite, I mean I'm trying but not quite, no I'm trying but, and when I get up the lyrics say the time has come the time has come the time has come, and everything feels soft.

Just don't study my stomach in the bathroom mirrors again, my stomach from every angle and I hate it -- I mean I like the way you can see all sides with these mirrors but not my stomach. I wonder how many times I need to try fish in order to see if it will help me. Time number four, and it does give me this clarity in my head, until later all that pain in my gut much worse all night long, I mean my stomach started to hurt at my favorite West Coast vegan restaurant earlier, maybe it was the salad dressing, and then definitely with the dolmas I got at the health food store, which I ate after the fish, before and after, just a few bites and there’s that feeling in my head that could be an amazing burst of energy or it could be an allergy, or both, and then it's the worst night of sleep in a while, all that pain, and I don't know anything more than I knew before.

Lately I've been hearing all these stories about people who are vegan for so long and then they eat -- fill in the blank -- whatever kind of meat seems the least healthy -- and then they suddenly feel fine. Who are these people? The magic bullet, who invented that phrase -- because a bullet is something that kills you, right? Oh, but the magic bullet. This dry air and as soon as I'm on the LA road like a highway but it's just an ordinary street and my voice gets hoarse again, that bloody nose and my fingers are sweaty. I can't believe they give you two down comforters in the place where I'm staying, I mean I get sweaty with one down comforter in a New York winter, but here it's 70 degrees at night and people want two.

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