Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Getting used to it

My first feldenkrais appointment in Santa Fe and it feels so engaged, exhilarating almost, until afterwards when I crash so hard -- this is the difficult day, I can hardly function. Earlier, when I sat in the sun I felt so charged, embodied, horny, but oh no then I tried to hook up on craigslist, oh no -- I mean it seemed like it was going to happen, but then he didn't show up. Then I thought at least feldenkrais would save me, but probably it just brought me down to the way I really feel -- earlier I went on a walk and the wind was crazy, blowing clouds of dust everywhere like they say. I was trying to get to this one café people keep recommending, even though it closes at four I thought I'd look at the outside and when I got there it felt like such a long walk through the sun I worried about sunburn even though it was 5:30 pm, but since the sun is closer at this high elevation you get burnt more easily, but also because I always worry about that kind of thing. I found the café and actually it was open but there were only two people there -- across the street, an overpriced thrift store but I liked the neighborhood. It's tricky here, because you turn a corner and everything starts to sprawl, or it just ends and it's almost like wilderness, which is gorgeous but I would need to live somewhere with more density of people and buildings. When I get back, I'm so exhausted -- how far did I walk? Oh, I guess it was eight blocks there and eight blocks back -- a long walk for early in the day and then when I get back to my place I can feel it in my lungs, oh that's what they say about the elevation, getting used to it.

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