Sunday, April 25, 2010

That light

When I wake up in the morning and my mother’s not here, it’s a different world: I can just relax. Otherwise she’s sitting right in the living room outside the room where I’m sleeping, ready to start making plans, there are always plans and with her everything is stressful—I don’t know why she needs it to be that way. But anyway, today it’s just me in the garden with the birds, taking photos, here’s one right up close and this is what I was looking for: I touch the shrubs, wet from the rain last night, the soft tingle on my hand and then, up in the studio, a tiny set of plastic drawers, something usually for hardware but instead it’s filled with strings of beads that my grandmother used in her art, glittery beads and my eyes light up: this is the kind of thing I can take with me, put them out on my kitchen table or in a drawer to look at when I need that light.

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