Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A growing problem

I know -- with all this mold and digestive bloating, you were wondering about the pot smoke. Well, here it is, filling my entire apartment, even with all the windows open -- no need to wonder anymore! At least the air eventually clears it out enough for me to get in bed, but not in time for my sinuses -- oh no, my sinuses.

But here’s the thing about my walk: it clears my head. And I don’t even walk uphill, where the air is fresher. Just down the street, downhill a few blocks, where I get tempted to walk further, just to get further away, but then I know I’ll get too exhausted to get back, so I turn to the left, and then go back uphill. It’s so bright out at 2 pm that my eyes start watering and I have to squint.

But what is it that clears my head? Oh, it’s all these people! All these contrasts and this craziness -- somehow it fits under these skies and in this bright crumbling neighborhood. I’m pretty sure that in Santa Fe I’ll never walk out the door and see all these characters. I’ll probably miss this jumble so much that I’ll need to get back to a big city, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I still don’t need to leave.

Back in my building, now even the lobby smells like pot, but since my head is clearer it’s actually funny. I say to the tweaker in the elevator with me: is it the whole building, does the whole building smell like pot? And then he’s filled with tweaker synonyms: something does seem dank, a growing problem, someone needs to pull the weeds, yeah they got the good stuff. And when I get back in my apartment there’s more air too.

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