Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The rules, again

Some people are so strange about the rules. Like this tweaker at the Crew Club, I pull him into an uninhabited room and maybe he’s into it until he notices there are no sheets on the bed, or the thing that’s like a bed but not quite a bed because they’re trying to act like this is a gym, what do they call this compartment? Maybe a changing room? Anyway, this tweaker says wait a minute, this isn’t your room, and I say you’re right, but it isn’t anyone else’s room either, and he looks at me like I’m totally crazy – we can’t do this, he says, this means that this room is available.

And then on the train, when I ask the conductor if we can get off here, Harpers Ferry, and he says no, and I say when’s the next time we can get off to get some air? And he says Cumberland, but that’s just for smokers, and I say I’ll get off anyway, and he says well mostly it’s just for smokers, you don’t need to smoke? And I say no, I just want some air, and he says well really it’s just for smokers, the fewer people that get off the better, and I say that’s okay, I’ll get off anyway.

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