Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Enough energy

I can’t decide if I’m just not used to this new time schedule, or if it’s making me more tired. I go outside for a few minutes, and then when I get back I don’t really have any desire to go out again, and it’s only 3 pm. I start cruising online, even though I banned myself -- I’m trying to find something that will give me energy, even if it’s just the energy of trying to find energy. No, that’s not enough -- it’s when I forget that I’m just trying to find energy, and I start thinking that maybe I actually have energy. Then I remember. 5 pm comes around, and it feels like the end of the day. But where was the day? Is this the day?

There are some pretty dramatic changes. Not only do I get super-exhausted way earlier, and actually fall asleep, but I’m able to stop eating a few hours before bed. Although, yesterday, maybe I should’ve eaten a bit later -- in bed, I got way too wired, although that might’ve been because of the homeopathic remedy, I took a higher dose and it made me so calm, but then maybe I should’ve eaten too. It’s hard to figure out where exactly to stop, so that I’m not too hypoglycemic, but also so that it doesn’t wreck my digestion too much, contribute to the bloating, the stomach pain, the intestinal cramps.

My water delivery started yesterday. It does taste fresher, that’s for sure. There was less bloating last night. I guess we’ll see. Should I go on a walk again? I’m not sure if I have enough energy.

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