Sunday, June 20, 2010

More fog

I will admit that I’m starting to like getting up at 10 am, who knew? The thing I like the best is that I get to see the fog twice -- before, I only saw the evening fog, but now I get morning and evening! Last night I was in the Castro for the first time in a while, going to a film at Frameline, and several times I looked up at the fog behind the hills and it was almost too gorgeous. Usually I just think about that part of town as hideous and heartless, but then. Then there are those hills, oh.

I do miss night -- late night when everything clears. Last night I got home from the movie and I actually felt great, great in my head I mean -- my body was hurting so I took a shower and then I still felt kind of wired, maybe hypoglycemic but I didn’t want to eat right before bed. Maybe ready for a walk, but I didn’t want to over-tire myself. Then I got in bed and sure enough I was wired -- I guess I should’ve gone on that walk, eaten a small snack even if it would’ve made the bloating worse. Eventually I got up, ate something, got back into bed for more bloating. But I still felt okay in my head -- I liked going to the festival, seeing friends from out of town, watching the movie. I even liked the movie, which made me want to go to more movies, even though sitting in the theater always hurts my body. This time it didn’t seem that bad, maybe because it wasn’t so stuffy inside because of all that air outside. I actually sat for a whole hour without getting up, although I should’ve got enough anyway, to prevent the pain, instead of getting up when the pain starts, but I didn’t want to miss anything. Then I went out to use the bathroom, and they had the side doors open so the lobby was almost as fresh as outside, and when I got back in the movie was just about to end -- I love movies that end like that, don’t drag on until you’re just waiting. Then I went outside and looked over at that fog, dark now, waited a few minutes for a cab, thought about doing something else because I actually felt good but don’t push it, that’s what I was thinking, don’t push it, so then I came home.

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