Monday, June 14, 2010


Does anyone know what it is that makes you more or less sensitive to the sun, I mean at different times in your life? Because, when I lived in Provincetown, I would go jogging right in the middle of the day -- I mean 11 am or noon, 45 minutes of jogging in the bright summer sun, no shirt on -- and then I would go home and go back to sleep, and then I would get up and go to the beach around 2 or 3 pm, from then until 6 or 7 -- and I never got burnt at all. I thought I was being so clever, avoiding the 10 to 2 range -- except for jogging, I guess, which was really running and I wish I could do that now. Although not in the Tenderloin, on these streets, with all this pollution. Today it’s especially bad, because we’re having a heat wave.

But anyway, now I sit in the sun for six minutes at 10 am, and it already looks like I’m burning. I guess San Francisco is further south than Provincetown -- is that what’s going on? I wasn’t burning in Chicago, Seattle, or Eugene when I was there just recently, either. Maybe a little in Eugene. Of course, Chicago and Seattle are way further north. Maybe I should go further north.

Is it possible that there’s less of an ozone layer here, with this pollution of California dreaming? I did live in Provincetown 10 years ago -- maybe we’ve lost that much of the ozone layer in 10 years.

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