Friday, July 16, 2010

Layers of living

Even though I’m not sure where I’m moving, I’ve decided to start getting ready. I mean, my plan is to move in October, wherever I end up going, so that means I have about three months, and three months isn’t that long to get ready -- or it doesn’t feel that long, anyway. Today someone is coming to pick up my larger sofa -- I figured that would be the hardest thing to get out of my apartment, since it has to go down seven flights of stairs, and I’m certainly not taking it with me. I need more space anyway, since I’m getting a bunch of stuff from my grandmother’s house, and I’m not sure where exactly it will fit.

I made a sign for the sofa, and put it in the lobby, and sure enough someone called me right away, all excited -- excited enough to take all five flyers, I’m guessing. It is a nice sofa, and free! And I won’t need those flyers, as long as he shows up. He was supposed to be there 10 minutes ago, but he’s moving today, so I’m sure that’s hectic. He’ll probably be here in a few minutes.

When I walk around the neighborhood, I’m starting to think about what it would look like without all these buildings, especially the ones I like the most, and the way the light frames them. I’m wondering what it will look like without so much graffiti to study, graffiti and decay and layers of living. I guess I’m thinking about Santa Fe, although I need to do more research. I’ve never done so much research for a move before, but then maybe I’ve never needed to.

It’s getting warm here, so the air is more polluted. I won’t miss the pollution. Although warm here is like a chilly day anywhere else, during this heat wave across the country. Oh, no -- it’s 90 degrees right now in Santa Fe -- and that’s 90 degrees at an altitude of 7000 feet, which probably makes it feel much hotter. How will I deal in 90 degrees? Right -- I need to keep looking for a shorts, shorts and tank tops. And sandals.

Today on Democracy Now someone was talking about the politics of Arizona, the right-wing takeover and all of its manifestations, from anti-immigrant hysteria to gun-crazed politicians to selling off the state Capitol to a private business-owner and then renting it back. And the way this right-wing drive is spreading across the country. Today in Utah, an anonymous source released a list of names of allegedly undocumented people in the state, all of them Latino -- the source demanded that the state immediately start deportation proceedings. New Mexico is right next to Arizona and Utah, and I don’t have a clear sense of the politics there, exactly. I know Santa Fe is the liberal bubble, but what about everything else?

Although pretty much every liberal town is some sort of bubble, you can go 100 miles from San Francisco and find places that are as conservative as anywhere else. What am I looking for? I’m looking for somewhere with fresh air, somewhere where I can breathe in more ways than just the air, somewhere where I don’t have to think about San Francisco, where I can feel stronger in my body and maybe that will help me to feel everything else. I mean everything else besides the overwhelm and exhaustion I feel all the time here. Now it’s down to 89.9 in Santa Fe -- does that sound better? I guess in the worst case scenario I can move there in October, and leave in June, right? Not that that would really work out.

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