Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A good mood?

Okay, I can tell that today it’s going to be hot, because it’s not even 11 am and I’m sweating on the fire escape. I’ve even taken off my socks, so I’m just sitting in the sun in boxers and nothing else. When I start to worry that I’m getting burnt, and start to cover my legs or arms, that’s when I really start to sweat. How hot is it going to be? I guess it’s okay, because the rest of the summer has been so cool and refreshing.

It must be humid out too, because the mold in my apartment is worse than ever, I wake up into some horrible headache that makes looking at the sun, or in the direction of the sun, kind of painful. I’m sure it also relates to the cigarette Philip Huang lit inside the health clinic where the reading took place the other day -- I know. Sure, it was part of his character, but really? I should’ve left right at that moment, but I wanted to see the rest of Philip’s performance -- this was the first time we’d performed together, but why a cigarette why? Anyway, I escaped right afterwards, but I’m sure the headaches I’ve been getting the last few days relate to the smoke exposure. And now, the heat! And pollution! And mold! Oh my -- the question is: how on earth am I in a good mood?

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