Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Huge bushes of magenta

But wait -- finally, an acupuncture treatment that doesn’t drain me, just leaves me calm. While I’m lying on the table I do sink into something close to sleep, and then I’m thinking please don’t come in now, don’t come in now to take out the needles, because then I’ll be a mess. But then the darkness starts to clear, and at first I’m worrying that I’m doing that on purpose, so I let that go, but then it’s still clearing, and right then the acupuncturist comes in to take out the needles, perfect.

Outside and yes, the smell of eucalyptus trees and you can hear that rattle sound but the parrots make. On the bus, I’m staring out at the bougainvillea, remembering when I first moved to San Francisco and probably that’s what I saw growing in the middle of the highway, huge bushes of magenta, but I thought they were azaleas. The light over the Marin headlands in the distance, when you can tell why this part of town is such valuable real estate, I mean not just the real estate but that view. It’s funny how in some ads they say of view of Alcatraz, instead of a view of the bay and all that’s around it.

In Chinatown the bus gets packed, I think in the future I’ll take the other route back, because now I’m exhausted. But then off into the sunshine, and back home there’s still time on the fire escape and I feel kind of energetic actually, until I’m tired again and my sinuses hurt, but I still feel better than I did before acupuncture so that’s progress.

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