Sunday, August 29, 2010

Normal, for me

I’m lying in bed, getting more and more exhausted. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if I hadn’t been in bed already for 12 hours. Time to get up? Time to get up? Time to get up?

At least the weather is back to normal -- or, normal for me, anyway -- cool and foggy -- but my sinuses are stuck somewhere else. Or, maybe that is normal, for me. There was a lot I wanted to write about earlier, but now I can’t remember. No, I can remember, it’s just that the thoughts aren’t connecting. Maybe that means I don’t remember. I do remember all the pain when I was in bed, especially in my biceps, how can there be so much tension in my biceps? But now that’s dissipated -- let’s talk about it later.

Here comes the sun, which means I’m on the fire escape, breathing in all this energy, the wind clearing my head. But only until I get back inside.

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